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Well; since everyone else has a journal entry, I suppose I should write one even if nobody else will.

So... I guess i'll rant about those obscene twelve year old's who keep ramming my frikken plane in War Thunder. You don't get 'points' for doing that you stupid kids! You get points for actually shooting down aircraft and using a wee little bit of strategy and skill in it. Oh! And actually destroying ground vehicles and entrenchments. But I suppose it isn't 'gangster' or 'swag' to play a game fairly or like a actual pilot who wasn't apart of the Imperial Japanese Air Force when they were slowly pushed back to the Home Islands.

What else... I suppose I'll rank the three best MLP fics i've read to completion, which I admit isn't all that impressive (Background Pony is a long ass Door Stopper):

3.) World Without Rainbows.
2.) Head Without Clay.
1.) Silent Ponyville.

I like World Without Rainbows, though granted, I've only read the first part, but don't worry, I will read Book's 2 & 3 one of these day's. 

Head Without Clay by Squinty Mudmane is one of the most underrated fics that I know of. Not only is it well-written, it's witty, it's intelligent, it's unique, it's creative, and it's simply pleasant to read.. It presents a simple Coming of Age tale similar to the Goonies Adventures, and ultimately ends with a genuinely happy ending. It's just the kind of story we just don't see that much any more, or least done right.

I admit that the Silent Ponyville fanon has died off, and to be honest, the first one was amazing, but the sequels felt rather contrived and just unnecessary, or at least to me they did. That being said; I actually got real emotional when Pinkie finally reconceiled with her Demons and visited her family at the ending which is very rare for fanfics.

So yeah, there's my first journal. 


United States

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